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# C O D E O F B E L L

We are an independent design team based in Los Angeles.

A small, unorthodox group of creatives and dreamers.

We design products that add comfort, efficiency and joy into the daily pace of our hectic lifestyles. Driven by our love and interest for technical soft goods and accessories. Our goal is to design modern gears with acute attention to details, that are efficient and adaptable anywhere from the grocery store to the edges of the globe.

With over three decades of combined experience in product design and development, we are finally putting our expertise together to launch our new Carrywear™ line to fill the niche in the market segment for those looking for that perfect go-to everyday, anywhere gear.


Which size best suits your carry needs and style?

The X-PAK (left), and the ANNEX CASE (right).


We call our collection, Carrywear™.

A compact carry solution designed for fluidity in style and function, to broaden and simplify the way we carry our essentials as a part of what we wear each day.

Whether at work or travel, through the city to the wilderness, we strive to go beyond traditional categories to produce stylish, innovative, and intuitive solutions for the everyday world that still look great as part of your active lifestyle.